Our Missions Around the World


Called to Serve

First Baptist Church contributes to many causes locally and around the world, and whenever possible, we like to roll up our sleeves and do God's work, too!  Here are a few of the worthy efforts we're currently a part of:

Mi Refugio

Thousands of children live in and around garbage dumps in Guatemala.  Mi Refugio built a school in which these children are educated, fed, and where they worship Jesus Christ on a daily basis! Check out their website!

Focus Ministries

Former NBA pro, Bay Forrest, and his wife Peg, evangelize in schools and stadiums around the world bringing people to faith in Jesus Christ!  Check out their website!

E.A.T. (Everyone At Table)

A local ministry, E.A.T. serves 50 - 75 nutritious community meals every week in Bandon.  Check out their website!

Dan & Sarah Chetti

American Baptist missionaries serving in Lebanon, Dan teaches seminary and Sarah's ministry to wrongly-imprisoned women is transforming lives through Jesus Christ. Check out their website!

Kyle & Katrina Williams

American Baptist missionaries serving in the Congo. the Williams' teach life-skills and literacy, and Kyle teaches at the Kikongo Pastor's School. Check out their website!